I Soccer Scouting and Game Analysis Symposium Analyze. Plan. Win.

The First Soccer Scouting and Game Analysis Symposium is a pioneering event, the first of its kind in the world on soccer scouting and game analysis. The course is geared toward coaches, technical directors, scouts, physical trainers and other coaching staff members.

Highly valued by the more than 300 people who attended the event, the presenters from teams such as Real Madrid, Sevilla, Manchester City and Monaco, among others, will put within your reach all of the knowledge you need for your development as a coach or scout. 8 hours of quality content. By completing the Symposium online, you will obtain the Accreditated Diploma for Online Attendance from the Coaches Committee of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation (RFEF).

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How Attendees Rated the Symposium

It was a Symposium with a very high level of professionalism and knowledge among both the presenters and the organizers that gave us the opportunity to improve our understanding in the areas discussed. I definitely plan on attending the next one.

Salvador BallestaUEFA Pro-Licensed Coach and Former Spain National Team Player

A general view of all of the different work areas of scouts in the soccer industry and the relationships that exist between them. Awesome!

Jorge SifreVillarreal CF

Up-to-date, revealing and definitely enriching from a methodological point of view, with new ideas and tools that incorporate the training process. Congratulations on creating an excellent initiative!

Álvaro Pérez PérezElche CF SAD

Honestly, very positive. It was an experience through which I learned real situations about how to work and obtain new ideas.

Juan Carlos Ramírez PulidoScout FC BarcelonaTwitter

It was very good to be able to see the methods of big-time professionals and how they carry out their work.

Juan Andrés GonzálezReal Madrid CF Foundation

Presenter Rating (out of 10)


Overall Rating (out of 10)


of Attendees plan on attending the next Symposium

What You Will Get Out Of Completing The Course:

  • Knowledge of the latest coaching trends
  • Understanding of the most state-of-the-art technologies
  • Self-improvement
  • More confident decisionmaking
  • Maximum reduction in mistakes
  • Learning to continuously analyze and improve
  • Being much more competitive
  • Standing out among your peers
  • Reaching the objectives and results you seek
  • Opening the doors to Elite soccer
  • Enhanced ability to justify the decisions you make
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Success and Recognition

Enjoy the first event in Spain – and one of the first in the world – exclusively about soccer scouting and game analysis.

I Simposio de Scouting y Análisis del Juego en Fútbol “Analizar. Planificar. Triunfar”

When you review a game… Does your mind not stop thinking about the strategies and plays that would have improved your team’s play?

Do you feel the need to be on the field with you team to guide them to victory?

If you responded ‘Yes’ to these questions and this sounds like you, you and the presenters of this Symposium have a lot in common. …And if they reached the elite, you can, too.

Everyone knows that you can Only become an Elite coach by following the path of Success: Continuous Learning, Hard Work and Persistence.

Finally, some of the most elite professionals have decided to share the secrets, tactics and knowledge that have carried them to the top by participating in this Soccer Scouting and Game Analysis Symposium. It’s time for those passionate about soccer like yourself to have the opportunity to be part of a very select, elite group of coaches.

These Were The Symposium Presenters:

Victor Mañas

Victor Mañas

Tactical Analyst - Sevilla FC
Adrián Espárraga

Adrián Espárraga

Scout - Real Betis Balompié
Victor Orta

Victor Orta

Sporting Director - Middlesbrough FC
Joao Sacramento

Joao Sacramento

Chief Analyst - AS Mónaco
Rui Mota

Rui Mota

Tactical Analyst - Sporting Club Lisboa
Stephan Rands

Stephan Rands

Tactical Analyst - Manchester City FC
Luis Llopis

Luis Llopis

Goalkeeper Coach - Real Madrid CF
Xabier Ruiz de Ocenda

Xabier Ruiz de Ocenda

Tactical Analyst - Real Sociedad

Upon completing the Symposium course, you will obtain the Accreditated Diploma for Online Attendance from the Coaches Committee of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation!

But… How much will it cost to learn from the Elite?

If someone asks how much you would pay for something that will open the doors to the world of soccer and that can be a source of increased income in the very near future, you would probably say all the gold in the world, especially considering that the soccer industry is on the rise and growing every day.

Obtain all of the knowledge that it takes a professional years of study, travel, meetings and experiences to learn – the value of which is almost impossible to calculate! And even more since there are 8 presenters! But because this is an event for everyone, we’ve set the cost of the course at the extremely low price of only 100€ (about $115). SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up now for 60€

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